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  1. Do You Remember Your First Love/Childhood Crush?

    02/09/09 03:16:17 | 0 Comments

    Harley was a JW man 7 years my senior. He was the good-hearted, smart, cultured brother in the hall. Everyone looked up to him, but he never acted boastful or snobbish like others did. He was funny, honest, and loved life. When I was 19, he escorted me and two of my friends to NY. We visited Bethel, ate at the Tavern on the Green, went for a carriage ride through Central Park, hit all the tourist-y sites. He was the big brother I never had... or so HE thought. In my mind, I was madly in love...
  2. This is a test. This is only a test.

    01/08/09 21:12:04 | 0 Comments

    I am starting this blog as a test. I currently use another site for blogging (although I haven't in a long time), so I thought I'd try this one out for a bit and see if it suits my liking.

    If I like how this looks, I'll continue.

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    Hi Patty! It was nice to hear from you! I'm glad to hear from some who have moved past the awkward place that I find myself in. I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband who has never been a JW, and two beautiful little girls. But its still tricky with the rest of my JW family. My kids being pretty close to their JW grandparents, I don't want to quite "come out of the closet" yet, as far as the religion goes. I'm afraid that it will hurt that relationship. But I am so glad to have found this board! Makes me feel a little more sane. :) How long did you fade? How did it go when you DA'd? Do you have family nearby in the "truth"? If so, how do you handle that, or should I say, how do they handle that? Where in IL are you guys at? We usually go to St. Charles every June for a Corvette show with my husband and his parents. I like to try and make it in to Chicago when we go... its fun, and lots to do with the kids. :) I am from a little town just South of Des Moines. Lived in the Des Moines area my whole life, so we run into quite a few JWs. Fun, fun! I hope to talk with you again! Heidi
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    Hello there! I wanted to say hi, as I am a fellow midwesterner. I am from central Iowa. I'm rather new to the board, but have been inactive for 6 years. I'm currently attempting the whole fading thing. I'm really glad I found this site!


    Reply from Pattyb1117:

    Hi! Welcome to the board. And thanks for your comment on my page. I faded for quite a few years before I finally decided to DA myself. Now, I'm in a happy marriage to a "worldly" man, and we have two great kids. I'm finally "normal", well as normal as I can be. LOL

    Feel free to keep in touch.

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    Hello! How are you? :)
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